A collection of completed Post-Production work .


Spinning In
Slow Motion.
(Drama) 12 mins.



Spinning In Slow Motion is a film about what it's like to be young, free and lost. Twenty-something Tommy stumbles her way through life, trying to grasp something bigger and better than her reality.

Producer by Danica May Artner, Writer/Director: Tess Emmerson, Cinematographer: Joel Tronoff, Production Designer: Rebekah Evans, Editor: Michael Puccini, Post-Production Audio: L.E Productions, Mix & Master: Soul Sound Design.

leproductions, Spinning In Slow Motion, post-production audio, sound design

Final Cut.  (Comedy, Horror) 15 mins.



Patrick, an underpaid film editor, is given the impossible task of re-editing an entire horror film in one night. While editing, the antagonist of the film starts to torment him, blurring the line between the film he's editing and the real world.

Producer: Danica May Artner, Director: Liam Selby, Cinematographer: Mitch Condon, Production Desiger: Jordan Dwyer, Editor: Cassandra Warner, 
Post-Production Audio: L.E Productions, Mix & Master: L.E Productions.

le productions, Final Cut, professional special effects, audio engineering.

Lizard Sapien.  (Comedy, Horror ) 12 mins.



Short Film telling the story of Jeff Adams (Beau Jones), a young journalist as he attempts to piece together the mystery of missing people in the small seaside town of Corman Lakes.

Producer: Matthew Gordon, Director: Kevin McLaughlin, Cinematographer: Andrew Kelso, Production Desiger: Hannah Smith, Post-Production Audio:  L.E Productions, Mix & Master: L.E Productions. | Lizard Sapien, Post Production Audio, Sound Design.

Final Fantasy XIV:
(Action Adventure) 5 mins.



Video Game Trailer looking at the opening movie of Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, the first expansion to Final Fantasy XIV,
Original release -  June 23, 2015.
L.E Productions redux release - Dec 10, 2015

December release: Music production by Two Steps from Hell, Post-Production Audio L.E Productions, 
Mix & Master: L.E Productions.

leproductions, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward (REDUX),


LE Productions, Audio Commercial (REDUX), le productions, professional post production audio.

Audi RS4.  (Automobile) 30 secs.



Commercial solidifying the ideals of Audi Motor Vehicles

Post-Production Audio L.E Productions, 
Mix & Master: L.E Productions.

leproductions, Snakes Living In Harmony, leproducitons

Snakes Living
In Harmony.
  (Documentary) 10 mins.


A short natural history documentary exploring how Australian's live side by side with some of the world's most venomous snakes.

Producers: Robin Williams & Maddy Angell, Director: Robin Williams, DOP: David Wallis, 2nd Unit Camera: Andrew Kelso, Production Designer: Darcey Betts, Editor: Joshua David,   Post-Production VO L.E Productions.


LE Productions, HON, Frostburn Studios; Strikers of Newerth, Audio to Game
HON, Frostburn Studios; Strikers of Newerth

Frostburn Studios/Heroes of Newerth; Strikers of Newerth (in-game map).  
(MMOBA) Massively Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game.



L.E Productions provided post  production liaising and audio collaborations with lead programmers behind the in-game map; Strikers of Newerth.

leproductions, Nautical Ninjas, Video Game audio producers

MOD DB, Nautical Ninjas; Car-poral Keys (Half-Life 2 MOD).  
(FPS) First Person Shooter video game.


Modifications, Voice overs and Audio produced by Andrew Li Lay, Nick O'brien and Jack Preston.
L.E Productions provided post  production liaising and audio collaborations with lead programmers behind Car-poral Keys.

Nautical Ninjas