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LE Productions opened its doors to the public on the Gold Coast in October 2015. We are always open 10am - 5pm Week days.

Essentially LE Productions Record, Mix, Sound Design and provide Post-Production for screen media & video games. We are Professional, Versatile, Trustworthy, Dependable, Flexible & Have an eye and ear for detail.

We have experience in:

► Working with multiple software platforms: MAC, PC, Pro Tools, Ableton Live.

► Working with different genres of music (Rock, Metal, Jazz, Orchestral, HipHop, Alternative, Funk, Indie).
► Encouraging and advising artists on how to bring out their best.

► Writing music - guitar parts, drum parts.

► Mixing in the studio environment.
► Producing and arranging.
► Delegate and coordinate a studio team.

► Voice overs.

► Overdubs.

► Live recording.

► Podcast comping & enhancements.

► YouTube audio enhancements.

► Audio Restoration.

► Radio advertisements.

► Interview audio enhancement.

► Sound design and Post-Production for films, TV shows, documentaries and video games (mobile apps, mobile games, pc games).

► Sourcing crucial audio onsite/off site, outsource audio, administrate Foley, Atmosphere (atmos), Special Effects (sfx), Music & Dialogue.
► Utilising appropriate microphone techniques; recording artists scaling from soloists to orchestras.


Bachelor of Creative Technology

(Audio Engineering and Sound Production)